Mission Statement (Environment & Quality)

Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd. does not view human- and environment-friendly business activities as simply charitable or philanthropic undertakings. Rather, it is our belief that the supply of products that are good for the environment, together with the careful use of customer resources, will be warmly welcomed by the market. We also believe that the promotion of waste-free operations will contribute to reducing costs and become a driving force for business prosperity. For the sake of our customers, who are engaged on the frontlines of an increasingly harsh and shifting market, we pledge to continue to work with our utmost energy and integrity to create new environment-friendly products and services supporting humankind and the Earth. In this spirit, we hereby declare our commitment to supplying customers around the world with quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) corresponding to the high standards expected in Japan.

Pursuant to this mission, we shall continue to steadily pass on positive practices and traditions, pressing forward as a corporate entity committed to creating new value on the foundations of progress and flexible thinking. We shall base all aspects of our corporate activities on the following policies aimed at meeting the needs of the environment, quality, and industrial safety and health.

Our Policy for Quality

Recognized certificate of registration

Based on our mission, Nippon Oil Pump (NOP) hereby stipulates the following policies for quality with the aim of meeting the requirements of our customers in a spirit of accountability and trust:

  • - NOP research and development shall be the world’s most innovative.
  • - NOP products shall offer the world’s highest caliber of trust and economy.
  • - NOP service shall exude the world’s greatest transparency and reliability.

Our Policy for the Environment

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ISO14001: 2015

In our effort to achieve compatibility between protection of the global environment and business viability, we pledge to follow an environmental policy in full compliance with legal demands, as well as agreed requests from customers and communities. We will move forward in the following ways:

  • - Eco-friendly products
    Development of light, compact, and highly efficient products with minimum use of harmful substances
  • - Less complex design
    Standardization to reduce the number of parts, make structural designs less complex, and eradicate mistakes
  • - On-demand production
    Speedy, less-expensive, and error-free production rather than large-volume production
  • - Smart delivery
    Transparent and trustworthy service right through to product delivery without troubling the customer at all

Our Policy for Industrial Safety and Health

In addition to business prosperity, effective safety and health management is essential for ensuring corporate success. We shall strive to eliminate danger and harm from the workplace and promote the following tenets to create “safe, healthy, and comfortable” working environments:

  • - Collaboration between all workers in execution of effective safety and health activities
  • - Compliance with industrial safety and health legislation and all regulations concerning safety and health matters
  • - Creation of comfortable workplaces through improvement of the work environment and measures to ensure physical and mental health