Since the foundation of Nippon Oil Pump (NOP) almost 100 years ago,
the company has been known for its reliable and innovative industrial products applied in a wide range of industries, including machine tools, specialty vehicles, agricultural and construction machineries, marine, environmental, and beverage machineries.
Our products provide mission-critical functions, such as fluid & power conveyance, temperature control, washing, lubrication, filtration, and compression to customers worldwide.
Even though our products are often not visible to the end-users or consumers, we take tremendous pride in the fact that our products play a critical role at our customers' products, contributing to their reliable performance.

Our corporate motto,''HAJIMARI TSUKURU HITO''consists of three Japanese words that embody our corporate spirit.

  • ●HAJIMARI (Initiation): By leading the market with our innovative thinking,
                                             reflecting our customers'needs, and
  • ●TSUKURU (Create):     By creating value, delivering products and services for our customers,
  • ●HITO (People):             We can develop ourselves as true professionals, together with our customers.

Facing a rapidly digitized and globalized market, we strive to serve our customers with our innovative products and services that embody the above corporate spirit.
We look forward to working with you for a better and brighter future.

Toshihiko Shirabe
Representative Director-President
Nippon Oil Pump Group